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August 29, 2014:

"Florida Process Servers Lose Ability to Serve in One of Largest Counties"

"Florida process servers received some shocking news last week. Effective December 31st, 2014, private process servers in Orange County, Florida will lose the right to serve. The Sheriff’s Department has already started to phase out the Special Process Server program.

Florida Statute 48.02 allows Sheriffs within counties to approve individuals to be private process servers, but the Orange County Sheriff, Jerrry L. Demings, has led the decision to discontinue the program in his county. Private process servers can still be designated by attorneys through a motion.

In an e-mail to the Florida Association of Private Process Servers (FAPPS) members, Lance Randall, President of FAPPS, reassures members that the organization is committed to remedy the situation."

This is what can happen when you need state permission to do something. Will this end process serving careers in that county? Will it force mass relocation of their Process Servers elsewhere, and leave the county with none?

Florida Process Servers Lose Ability to serve

Several years ago, we understood that it was up to the judges in the Ocala area, to renew licenses for Process Servers, and one judge decided that he only wanted the Sheriff doing this work, so he quit renewing them, for awhile anyway, until the sheriff was overwhelmed.

I Support PAAPRS

September 29, 2013:

Well we're proud to announce that Jennifer and I were part of a ground-breaking event here in Colorado.

We attended the PSACO Certification Course over the weekend. Very interesting, informative and educational! Many kudos to all those who made it happen!

We became part of the very first group of Certified Process Servers in Colorado history, when we completed this program.

PSACO is our official NAPPS-affiliated state organization.

We are now "Colorado Certified Process Servers", and can give our clients a guarantee that all of their work will be done by a Colorado Certified Process Server.

Only about 40 people were part of this new group, and are now Certified in our state, and out of that number, only about 30 of us were experienced people, the rest were fairly new.

NAPPS President H. Eric Vennes attended and spoke to us, and it was very nice to see him again.

Kathy Burrow of the Texas Process Servers Association graced us with her presence and gave a very inspiring talk and it was great meeting her for the first time. We're in the process of becoming Associate Members of that organization now!


September 24, 2013:

This is fascinating, for our clients who defend DUI cases:

"A recent analysis published in the Criminal Justice Ethics academic journal suggests when technicians perform forensic analysis of blood and other evidence for cases such as drunk driving, the results can be influenced by built-in financial incentives to produce a conviction. Syracuse Univ. Prof. Roger Koppl joined Meghan Sacks from Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. argue that even if false conviction rates are very low, a 3 percent error rate could put 33,000 innocent individuals behind bars every year."

The entire article is at: Financial Incentive for False Results in DUI Lab Tests

Please keep us in mind for your process serving needs - we serve the Attorney General's office and the DMV on a pretty regular basis.

August, 2013:

We're proud to announce that PSACO - Process Servers Association of Colorado, our state Process Server organization, has become an official state affiliate of NAPPS - National Association of Professional Process Servers. Special thanks to our PSACO President, Steve Glenn, for being instrumental in this happening!

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