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Certified Denver Process Server, with well over 10,000 cases worked since 2006!
We have some sweet Discounts for Denver Attorneys who send us 5+ serves at a time!

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• Special Offers:

If you have a lot of routine serves at the same time, going to The Corporation Company ( CT Corp. ) or CSC – Corporation Service Company, please contact us to negotiate special bulk discount rates!

Volume Discounts for Denver Attorneys who send us 5+ serves at a time! If you send us a larger number of serves at the same time for the Denver area. ( See our area coverage page. ) Must include affidavits pre-filled with case information and only requiring serve details and signing & notarization. Affidavits returned via scanned PDF with originals mailed. Email us for fees!

Bulk Postings Discount: If you send us at least 20 postings at the same time ( not personal service serves - only postings ), for our service area. ( See our area coverage page. ) Must include affidavits pre-filled with case information and only requiring serve details and signing & notarization. Affidavits returned via scanned PDF with originals mailed. Please Email us for fees.

Consecutive Serve Discounts also available! Multiple Serve Discounts : If you have multiple serves that can be served at the same time, at the same address, during the same trip, the fee is full price for the first one, and half fee for each consecutive one after that. ( i.e. Fee + 1/2 +1/2...) Not available with bulk or volume serve discounts.

Clients: If you agree that we're your favorite Colorado process servers, we have a page here at Denver Process Servers LLC , that has testimonials from our happy clients. If you were delighted with the service that your Denver process server provided and would like to offer a testimonial, and it's published on the page, it can also include a sig about your firm, including a link to your site. If you might like to contribute to the page, please just email us a brief testimonial after your serve is done and you're happy, in one paragraph, and include your name, firm or company name and a link to your site. Just tell us how you appreciated our Denver process service. Thanks!

Retain us to be your Denver process server . We think you'll be glad you did!

PGP Encrypted Email available: Send us signed emails with your public key and encrypt your messages between us.

We've been considered excellent Colorado process servers since 2006 and are continually looking to improve. Many of our clients simply won't call anyone else.

Why you should call us for your Denver process service, instead of the Denver Sheriff Civil Division:

We get many calls from frustrated people, who called the Denver Sheriff Civil Division ( or any of the various other local Sheriff's Civil Divisions ) first and they didn't get the job done. Why? It's our understanding that those agencies send deputies out to serve process between about the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM, then they come back and write their reports before they go home.

The problem with that, is that a lot of the people being served are working during those hours too, so the Sheriff's deputy makes three attempts and then comes back and tells their client that it couldn't be served, because no one answered the door. We have the flexibility to go out at various hours and get the job done for you. In fact the Colorado Rules allow us to serve process 24/7/365 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We even had a desperate client call us once at 4:25 PM, and tell us that they gave the Sheriff a serve that had to be served on a Same Day Rush basis. The Sheriff's deputy had gone to the guy's workplace at 12:30 and guess what. The guy was out to lunch. So the Sheriff's Civil Division called this poor client back at 4:15 PM and told him that they couldn't serve it, so sorry.

Unfortunately, though we would have loved to take more of this poor client's money, we ethically had to decline the job, because by 4:30, the defendant could have very well been on his way home already. But to those of us in this profession, income aside, from what we know and have heard, we just wouldn't recommend that anyone use the Sheriff's Civil Division.

It's in your interest to call Denver Process Servers LLC

One of the first Certified Colorado Process Servers, having worked well over 10,000 cases since 2006, and a Member of NAPPS and PSACO, will personally work all of your serves in our Coverage Area. ( About 675 square miles of the Denver area. )

When you require a Denver Colorado process server , we've got it covered for you! We're the preferred Colorado process servers for service in the Denver area.

Extremely experienced, professional & vetted Denver process servers, offering a variety of valuable services : Process Serving, Skip Tracing ( both online and in proprietary data bases that the general public does not have access to ) and on-the-ground investigations for the purpose of process serving are all available. Pre-Serve Skip Tracing, Adoption Searches & Witness Locates for law firms. Video, Field Photography ( property photography ), Photographic and Video Evidence.

Prepay your Denver process server fees and see Area Coverage on the left side of this page. Please call first if you're unfamiliar with the area and need to verify area coverage, and for the correct mailing address.

Fully Insured with NAPPS-Endorsed "E & O" ( Errors & Omissions ) and General Liability insurance!

Domestication / Issuing : Our process server can domesticate, or have your documents issued in Denver and Jefferson counties! Please call or email us for fees.

Deposition Officer: We will agree to act as Deposition Officer, only for cases that we serve, in Denver and Jefferson counties, for an additional fee of $40. This entails receiving documents that were subpoenaed by a serve that we performed. We require a PDF of a printable label addressed to the client, which can be attached to a Fedex or UPS envelope for forwarding you the documents. We have offices in Denver County and Jefferson counties, for the purposes of court requirements. If you retain us for this, the fee is not necessary unless the produced documents are actually sent to us, not if they're actually sent to you.

Document Retrieval Services and Court Filings available in Denver, Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties.

A process server can perform professional, yet kind and sensitive service on residents at assisted living centers and nursing homes.

We can also serve demand letters, with affidavits, and a process server can do address verifications for you!

Our process server can most often obtain Video and Audio evidence which can be available to you after your serve, for an additional fee, even if the serve is done at night.

A server can also provide Digital Photography Services: Frontage photos ( anything we can see from the front of a property ), building, property, assets, vehicles, equipment, etc. Five photos for the fee of one serve if we're just going there for photos. If you need 5 photos in addition to a serve, it's an additional half fee on the service fee. For example with a standard class serve, $65 for 5 photos alone, or if we're doing it as part of a serve, $65 for the serve and an additional $32.50 for 5 frontage photos. If you have specifics in mind, please mention them before hand. For example: Please take photos of any vehicles or heavy equipment, with the front photos of the property. If you need other forms of photography services, please ask.

A Denver process server can do Registered Agent Serves for you. For example the Corporation Company in downtown Denver ( AKA CT Corp. ), CSC – Corporation Service Company, The Colorado DMV – Division of Motor Vehicles, Attorney General, Division of Insurance ( they require 3 copies for your Colorado process service ), Colorado Dept of Revenue, etc…. So make us your Denver process server for all your Colorado process service in the Denver area!

We handle all manner of service of civil process : Summons – Subpoenas – Subpoena Duces Tecum – Administrative Process Notice of Financial Responsibility for Child Support – Child Custody - Debt Collections – Evictions FED – Garnishments – Notices of Impending Levy for Garnishments – Interrogatories – Restraining Orders ( Note: Restraining Orders / Civil Protection orders are all on a "Same Day Rush" basis with according fees. No exceptions.) – Registered Agent Serves – Corporate Serves, Divorces… You name it, if it's civil, we serve it!

REINSTATEMENT FILINGS : Professional drivers ( like OTR truckers ) who are far outside of the Denver area or Colorado: If you need a Reinstatement filed at the DMV, we can send a Denver process server to do that for you. We need your filled-out form sent to us, with a money order made to DMV for their fees and a copy of your driver's license, per their instructions, and a money order to us for our Same Day Rush fee, plus a signed letter from you, designating us as your authorized agent for Denver process service , to take care of this matter for you. For details and our mailing address, please email us, or call in the afternoon.

Attorneys: We can send a Denver process server to get you your Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Supreme Court or U.S. Court in Denver.  ( Same fee as our "48 Hour Rush" or "Same Day Rush" serve. ) You can also send us a printable Fedex label if you'd like it Fedexed to you on the same day as we get it!

DBA Denver Area People Hunters™. People finding for attorneys. ( Witness locates, heirs, etc. )

While our offices are in Lakewood and Denver, we're also very close to Wheat Ridge, Greenwood Village, DTC - Denver Tech Center and Arvada, as well as several other Denver suburbs. Please see our Area Coverage page in the menu, for complete details.