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Welcome to Denver Process Servers LLC!

Service includes Mileage, Notary, an emailed PDF of your Affidavit emailed before mailing, and "A NAPPS Member Will Work ALL Of Your Serves!" (  National Association of Professional Process Servers )  If the following doesn't answer any other questions you may have, please feel free to ask.

Please read the following, then send the work over.  For area coverage, please see our page: Coverage Area

Our Most Basic Fees & Terms:Routine Service ( Non-Rush ): FIRST attempt 3-5 days. At least 3 attempts if necessary. Fee: $70.

2 Day Rush Service:  FIRST attempt WITHIN 2 Days. At least 3 attempts if necessary. Fee: $95.

1 Day Rush Service:  ( FIRST attempt same day, or WITHIN 1 day – for example if it’s a business and we get your documents too late to serve that day. ) At least 3 attempts if necessary. Fee: $120.

Payment Arrangements: We always prefer prepayment but can invoice verifiable Colorado attorneys, if requested. If we have a recent client relationship with a client outside Colorado, with a history of prompt payment, we can also invoice upon request. NAPPS members can email us a PDF copy of the check, and mail it soon after. With Pro Se ( people doing their own legal work ) pre-payment is REQUIRED – no exceptions – before we can begin working your case. For attorneys and process serving  companies outside of Colorado, if you email us a cashable PDF copy of your check, which we are authorized to cash if the original doesn’t arrive within a week, that will suffice to get your work started. Otherwise prepayment will be necessary.Appointment serves, where we have to drop everything and be somewhere at a particular time ( check in advance for availability of the time you need. ) are at the 1 Day Rush fee.

We can offer 1/2 Fee for consecutive serves/subserves that ARE ALLOWED TO be done at the same address and time, on the same person, on the very first attempt, and after. In other words, full fee for the first, and 1/2 fee for each consecutive serve after that. But only if one person is ALLOWED to be given all of them on the very first trip, and after, at one time.If much over 25 pages, it’s $6 per additional 25 for additional printing fees.

Above FEES are PER defendant, PER set of documents and PER ADDRESS ATTEMPTED, which is the industry standard. We will make at least 3 attempts, if necessary, possibly more, but will try to find out what the situation is, if it goes on for too long. NONE OF THESE FEES INCLUDE SURVEILLANCE OR MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS PER DAY. FEES ARE FOR MAKING DILIGENT ATTEMPTS.

PLEASE DO NOT USE US AS AN AGENT FOR SUBPOENA DOCUMENT PRODUCTION, WITHOUT FIRST ASKING FOR OUR MACRO REGARDING Supoena issuance in the courts.For a much more detailed and thorough coverage of our fees, please ask. ( It’s longer, though. )  Fees subject to change, without notice, and temporary seasonal specials.

I'm also one of the few servers in Denver with experience getting District Court Subpoenas issued. For my instructions reference macro on that, please ask. So if it’s in our coverage area, please go ahead and scan the documents into a SINGLE PDF file and email them over.


COCPS - NAPPS & PSACO "Colorado Certified Process Server", with well over an estimated 10,000 cases worked since 2006!
*NAPPS - National Association of Professional Process Servers
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